E-shop based on Profita.Shop platform

  • goods (sprawling catalog, manufacturers, suppliers, searching, batch edit, import and export of data)
  • integration with suppliers
  • unlimited megabytes, number of products and users
  • full store mode (with payment) and showcase (without paying)
  • info for buyers: Cabinet, order tracking, purchase history
  • analogues and related products
  • unlimited number of used languages
  • all words, phrases, and design are configured through the control panel
  • you have already set up methods of payment
  • already configured delivery service
  • settings for website SEO and promotion
  • integration with social networks
  • price:
    25 EUR/month (if you pay for 1-5 months)
    23 EUR/month (if you pay for 6-11 months)
    20 EUR/month (if you pay for 1 year)