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Integration with suppliers for e-shops

Quite often the task is to synchronize the product database with one, or even several, suppliers.

Usually the work scheme is as follows.

1) The supplier provides an open or password-protected file with product database data; it could be a file in CSV, XLS, XML or some other structured format.

2) We program a robot that, at the press of a button, either once a day or once every few hours, takes this file with the product database from the supplier, parses it, selects the necessary information and enters it into the database of your online store.

Thus, your product database is always kept up to date and requires virtually no manual work to update data.

At the same time, the robot can be configured so that it will multiply the supplier’s price by some coefficient in order to achieve the price level you need. Moreover, the coefficient may vary depending on the product category, manufacturer or other parameters.