Profita.Solutions refund policy


  • Service – A set of hardware and software for e-commerce and operation of websites.

  • Server – A computer or a number of computers connected to the Internet and ensuring provision of the Service.

  • Provider – a company, which manages the Server, develops the necessary software and provides the Service.

  • Seller  – any individual or legal entity, which is a Service subscriber and which publishes information about its goods or services.

  • Website  – a website (a set of webpages), which is operated as a part of the Service and contains information about the Seller and its goods or services. Information on the Website is posted by the Seller.

  • Subscription services  – are services that Provider is providing for the monthly fee that is stated in the public offer.

  • One-time services  – are any other kind of services that are provided by Provider for the one-time payment.


  1. In case of Subscription services one can claim refund only for the period of time that has been paid for in advance but not used yet.

  2. In case of one-time services or any other services the refund claims are being settled by negotiation or according to the current regulations of the Republic of Latvia.