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AI Solutions

We offer solutions for websites, online stores, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) developments based on the ChatGPT API.

We will develop a chatbot for your website that will be able to conduct a natural dialogue with the user/buyer, providing round-the-clock support without the participation of operators.

Such a bot will help you choose a product in the online store, answer customer questions, conduct a survey, and collect feedback. Such solutions can significantly reduce the time it takes to process customer requests and increase their loyalty.


Benefits of AI Chatbots

Natural (human) language of communication
You don't need to compose a tree of possible questions and answers. The website visitor will be able to ask questions in a free form.

The chatbot can translate questions and answers into dozens of languages on the fly, adapting to the user's language. At the same time, it is enough to provide him with all the initial information only in one language.

Low cost
Using the chatGPT API costs money. But it is incomparably cheaper than hiring individual employees. One dialogue costs no more than a few dozen cents.

Round the clock
The chatbot will answer requests around the clock. Even without coffee ;-)

All chats with users can be recorded in the database for further monitoring. This will help to make adjustments to the initial information, as well as to identify the main interests of website visitors.


Chatbot on our website
You can get a consultation on our services: prices, content, etc. Just click on the link.

Other chatbots
There are demo versions of chatbots for stores and agencies providing services. Addresses can be obtained upon request.

How to Order

Contact us. Describe your business and how you see the application of artificial intelligence. We will discuss your idea and offer solutions. Next is the execution.