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Internet-shop for subscription fee only

We do not charge money for creating an online store, because everything is already ready. We only charge a subscription fee for the service:
- 25 €/month when paying for 1-5 months,
- 23 €/month when paying for 6-11 months,
- 20 €/month when paid annually.

    This price includes:
  • website hosting and DNS hosting
  • technical support by phone and e-mail
  • all system updates, new modules, new language versions
  • short-term work with the site if something doesn’t work out for you
  • daily data backup
  • if necessary, mailboxes on your domain

At the start, you only need your own domain (website address, for example, or, etc.). Often clients already have it. If you don't have one yet, you can register it yourself or with our help. Payment depends on the zone in which the domain is registered. For example, in the .LV zone it costs 12 €/year.

It is better to register latvian .LV domains with the official registrar on the website International domains where it is convenient for you, for example, or hover .com .

We give all clients the opportunity to use our standard designs. But, if you suddenly want to get a custom design for your website, it will cost 240€.