Websites to order and/or pay for services

Service order

These are websites where each service has a certain price:

  • construction, renovation, and repair
  • manufacturing of typical furniture
  • tailoring of typical products: curtains, flags, and even clothes
  • creating decorations from different composite parts
  • insurance policy order
  • small print shops
  • and a whole lot more

You create the website. There you place the query webform. After filling out the form the user can get the total amount of the order. He can pay it at once or get an invoice by downloading or receiving it via e-mail.

Service booking

These are the sites where you can book services:

  • visits to a doctor, beautician, or hairdresser
  • lessons from tutors or educational courses
  • participation in seminars, conferences, other events, etc.
  • time at the gym or the ski service
  • rental of premises or equipment
  • and much more

You create the site and place an order form there. Your client can choose for example the date, time, name of doctor, trainer or teacher, etc., and book your service. After the form filling, your client gets the cost of the reservation. He can receive the invoice or pay for it at once.


Order data is not just sent to your e-mail, but gets into the control panel of the site, which performs CRM functions. Here you can assign responsible persons, monitor progress, set order statuses, generate and download invoices, track customer data, etc.

Yes, there are plugins or services for websites that help you quickly set up a feedback form,
BUT let's compare.

Comparison of the functionality of regular services and Profita.Solutions

Simple form
Form provided by Profita.Solutions
Creating form via panel
Number of form steps
many, each step may contain content depending on the data filled in the previous step
After form submit
data sends to e-mail
data sends to e-mail,
can be deposited in the database,
can be sent or downloaded immediately as a file,
link to payment
Email with results
yes + you can add a PDF file with the results and / or invoice for payment
Next steps
management, editing and selection of filled data in the control panel (CRM)