IT solution for furniture salons

Order form, website for presenting services

As an example - an order form for a wardrobe. Your client can order a wardrobe: enter the dimensions, choose the material, number and color of the doors, choose other parameters and fill in their contact details.

In response, your potential client receives the cost of making the wardrobe, calculated by the entered formulas and an order form with a link to payment (optional).

(the form can be embedded in any existing website)

Mobile version

Please notice:

  1. The order form can be inserted into any existing website or we can provide a ready-made website, focused on your business.
  2. This is an example. You can add, delete or change something in the form. Everything is configured through the admin panel.
  3. The user enters their contact details. Under certain conditions, these contacts can be used later. At the same time, the user may already be registered and then he will only need to log in.
  4. The form has 4 steps. At each of them, only the content that is relevant as a continuation of the choice in the previous steps appears.
  5. You can upload photos or images to the form
  6. At the end of filling out, the user is offered to pay for the order. This step can be mandatory or optional - this step can be deleted. Or offer to pay a deposit, for example, 50% or 100 euros.
  7. After filling out the form, the data: a) are sent to the e-mail of the administrator and / or user, b) are stored in the database (CRM)
  8. In the database (CRM), further work with the order is possible: viewing data, selections by filters, and mailing to addresses that filled out the form.
from 20 €/мonth

Ordering a wardrobe is just an example of a business. It can be an order form for mirrors, plastic windows, apartment renovation, or any other service, for example, insurance policies.

More about order forms and / or payment for services and other examples are here. You can order a free demo here.