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Example of renovation calculation form

Your client can calculate the cost of renovating a living room or kitchen based on its size. In the 2nd step, he chooses the services, at the next step he receives the calculation and the amount of the order. He can pay this amount at once by clicking on the link, and/or downloading the calculation itself as a PDF file.

At the same time, the client fills in his contact details. You can contact him, even if he does not pay for the order.

The form is configured in the control panel. Renovation is just an example of a business. It could be a form for a print shop, sewing curtains, flags, and even clothes. It can be an order form for the creation of decorations from various parts. It can be an order form for an insurance policy and many other component services.

Please notice:

  1. The application form can be inserted into a ready-made website or we can provide a ready-made website configured for your business
  2. At the heart of the cost calculation are formulas that you can edit in the control panel
  3. In the first step, the user fills in his contacts. Then these contacts can be used. In this case, the user may be already registered, it will be enough for him to log in.
  4. The form has 3 steps. The list of fields in the 2nd step depends on the result of the 1st step choice.
  5. At the end of the filling, the user is asked to pay for the service. This step can be left or removed. You can offer to pay a part of the amount - not the whole price. By the way, the invoice for payment is sent immediately after filling by e-mail and is also deposited in the database.
  6. After filling out the form, the data will be: a) sent via e-mail to the administrator and/or user, b) stored in the database, c) can be sent or downloaded as a PDF file
  7. As further you can work with the order in the CRM: viewing data, selecting using filters, mailing to the users filled the form.

Here is detailed information about the order and/or payment forms and other examples. You can order a free demo here.